Lets Talk SEW INS.

Sew Ins, let's talk about them. I get just about every single question you can think of when it comes to sew ins! From beginners and sew in virgins, to the ladies who rock them 365, everyone seems to still have questions, so lets talk about it! 

Starting with the install

Right away, lets talk about the most FAQ: Are sew ins healthy for your hair? The answer is: as long as they are done correctly! Your hair needs to be taken care of at all times, even if it is going to be tucked away for a few months. The sew in install is where the care starts. You need to make sure you've had a deep conditioning treatment before every sew in, so that you give your hair the nutrients it needs to remain strong throughout its hibernation. A trim should also be done, but only if needed, most likely it'll need to be done afterwards if not before. We cannot forget to treat the scalp as well. The install is the perfect time to add oils, and growth treatments. During this time, the oils wont weigh your hair down, and will allow it to grow out to its full potential while braided down. The braids need to be strongly secured, but NOT too tight. Extremely tight braids lead to thinning of your hair and edges, and breakage of your hair strands. This is crucial, no one wants to come out of a sew in with thin and damaged hair! We want long hair that has remained thick! So remember..

  • Deep Conditioner Before 
  • Trim (if needed)
  • Scalp Treatment/Growth Oils 
  • Braids strong, but NOT TOO TIGHT! 

Once you've checked these things off your list, YES, your sew in is amazing for your hair. Sew ins are a great protective style, and can definitely aide in growing out for length. Sew ins are also perfect for those who are trying to transition, they'll speed up the growth process and protect your hair along the way. 

Leave out VS Closure

I love leave out, however, be prepared for the higher maintenance. Leave out means that you have to blend your hair to match the extensions in which you've installed so keep that in mind when making your choice of texture. The leave out area needs special care, as it's more susceptible to heat damage if your hair is kinky and your extensions are straight.  If your hair and your extensions are a different texture naturally, you will have to constantly blend your leave out whenever you are in humidity, heat, or water. With that being said, I love leave out for the winter time, those who are not going on vacation, and those who's extensions and hair are the same texture. 

Closures are my personal favorite! I personally think that sew ins should be easier than your natural hair, and closures make that possible for me. They allow you to have virtually any texture all over your head- this means that you don't have to constantly blend. The thing about closures is that they should look natural if installed correctly, but they also may take some getting used to, since your part will look a little different than your natural hair when up  close. If installed correctly, you should only detect a closure extremely close up, but you'll get comfortable within a few days, trust me. So in conclusion: 

Leave Out

  • Be careful with HEAT! 
  • Slightly higher maintenance 
  • More blending 
  • Slightly more natural look


  • May take some getting used too 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Less Blending 
  • Any texture you desire 

So you just have to choose which one works best for you. Always give your leave out a break, and always make sure your closures are installed naturally. 

Picking extensions

Most importantly, don't get caught up in the names. Pick extensions based off the look you are going for in the end. Always look at pictures of the extensions styled different ways, and on different people. It's also best to physically feel and touch the hair before purchasing but if you're buying online ALWAYS read the reviews. When getting leave out try to pick a texture that will blend well with your own texture. When getting a closure, make sure the seller has closures to match the texture of hair you're purchasing. Typically, the less your pay, the shorter tine you are able to wear. Long lasting hair is an investment and will last as long as you want it too. High-quality hair should only be thrown away once its over processed with color, or cut shorter than your desires. With no over processing or cutting, your extensions should last a few years! So keep in mind that pricier hair will most likely mean you wont have to purchase again for a a while, unless you choose otherwise. So...

  • Choose based off the look you want 
  • Find a texture that blends with leave out OR closure 
  • Long lasting extensions are an investment

There are a lot of different ways to fix your Crown when rocking a sew in. You can wear them to look like your natural hair, or wear them to completly switch up your look. Sew Ins are a great way to try out different lengths and colors as well so have fun with it. In the end just make sure your hair is protected, and the extensions look natural and beautiful... it's YOUR Crown, rock it how YOU want too. 


ciara pannell