HeatFREE Summer

Hey Beautiful! This summer I've decided to go HeatFREE! All my guests have been super interested in doing the same, so I've decided to add more services dedicated to the movement! In this ShearBLOG post I'll hit on some key points that will help to make the transition a breeze for those who are interested, as well as some tips for my ladies who still want to rock their straight hair. 

Heat In The Summer

Wearing your hair straight, whether its your full head or your leave out, if fine as long as you take caution. It's really easy for us to constantly flat iron or touch up our hair in the summer time when we sweat it out, that's what you DON'T want to do. We also constantly straighten our leave out that gets sweated out, so that it will blend with our weave. Both of these are huge No-No's, unless you don't mind realizing you've heat damaged your hair once summer is over. Healthy, un-damaged hair WILL sweat out if you sweat on your scalp or neck, or if it is humid outside. These conditions are more common in the summer so if you wear your natural, healthy, hair straight in the summer expect it to sweat out a little quicker than in the winter. Do not constantly try to keep it bone straight, you may comprise its health. Straight hair can be worn in the summer, just try to ride in the car with the air conditioner on and stay cool. Wrap your hair up whenever you can so that it lays flat and wont expand or sweat out. If you need an alternative to wearing straight hair, try full sew ins, or natural hair styles like wash n go's or flexi rod sets. 

Heat Free Summer

This summer I have decided to add more natural hair styling to my booking site to allow my guests more versatility.  If you are interested in natural hair styling but have not tried any natural styles before, or you are a new client, a curl consultation is a MUST. A curl consultation will give you the best advice to move forward with your heat free summer. Below are a list of the HeatFREE services and some key points for each of them. 

The Flexi Rod Set

  • perfect for transitioners
  • small, ringlet, uniform curls 
  • hair shrinks 50% 
  • the longest lasting heat free style 
  • hour of dry time needed 
  • to refresh: add flexi rods and re curl sections that have gone straight
  • to sleep: bonnet over two pineapples 

 The Wash N' Go

  • for those that have NO heat or chemical damage
  • least amount of shrinkage 
  • shows off hairs natural curl pattern and texture 
  • easiest maintenance 
  • no time under hooded dryer 
  • to refresh: add spray on moisturizer, steam from  shower 
  • to sleep: bonnet over two pineapples 

The Two Strand Twist Set*

  • long lasting 
  • good for those with a small amount of chemical or heat damage
  • you'll need to leave in the twists, and separate at home, or come back for separation 
  • hour dry time max, 75% dry 
  • the longer you leave hair twisted, the longer your take down will last 
  • to refresh: retwist sections that are going straight
  • to sleep: bonnet over twists. Two pineapples and bonnet for twist out 

*Two stand twists are two styles in one, twists in the beginning, then after a few days when you take the twists out, you have a twist out (curly hair). 


Rocking your hair HeatFREE this summer should not be a hassle. It may be a new experience for you but with the right home care, knowledge and stylist, your hair will be beautiful and healthy all summer long, no matter which style you choose. 



  • Pineapple : a loose ponytail on the very top of your head 
  • transitoner: those growing out heat or chemical damage 
  • heat damage: a permanent change in texture due to over use of hot tools 
ciara pannell