Hey Queens, Shear Black is starting a new campaign... here's everything you need to know! 

#FixYourCrownFriday is a new campaign Shear Black will be running, to empower women. I want to give back to the community so every Friday, $5 from each appointment will be donated to The Alternatives for Girls Foundation starting 11/11/16. Proceeds will be dropped off once a month. Any additional proceeds will be accepted as well. 

#FixYourCrownFriday is about women, fixing their metaphoric crowns. What that means is, even when life gets you down or when the odds are against you, you pull yourself up and get keep pushing forward. This campaign is about more than just hair, its about empowering our sisters, and continuing to show the world how excellent Black women really are. The campaign is based around the notion that women can overcome any challenges they face, and become something great. I know firsthand how true that statement is, and I know that my guests feel the same way. My clientele is the epitome of black excellence, and I want to use that as an example for young girls today. 

I would love for my clients to help out with this in other ways as well. Donating any feminine products, clothing, or shoes would only help the cause. Those who bring something to donate will receive $5 off their service that day.  I'm very excited to implement this campaign, and I'm excited to involve my clients as well! If you have any questions, please let me know. Donations will be accepted at all times, however I do hope Friday reservations will be at an all time high, so that we can make a huge impact. See you soon! 


ciara pannell