Natural Products...So What?

To be honest, there's been a ton of talk about natural products but what is the big deal? What does it mean to you and I? What does it mean for our hair? Why use natural products?  

To understand why natural products are so important, we first have to talk about the ingredients in non-natural products! Truth be told, we probably don't know what half of the ingredients are in natural or non-natural hair products are just by looking at the names of them, so lets focus on some key culprits in plain English; Synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and parabens . Synthetic fragrances are put in many hair products to add scent. The problem is that they provide fragrance to the hair while clogging pores and lymph nodes in the process, which could lead to damage of the hair follicle over time among other health related issues. Sulfate, the ingredient often times responsible for the excessive bubbles, is also known for its drying and color-stripping qualities. Parabens are artificial ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin leading to adverse health effects over time.  Ingredients, like the ones listed, are often included in hair care products as inexpensive ways to add bubbles, shine, and scent to your hair. The effects of these ingredients on your hair and body is where you actually end up paying the price. Those that are looking avoid dry hair, skin irritation, and chemical absorption through the skin often opt to use all natural products. 

Natural products, like the ones used at Shear Black, are free of  harmful chemicals including those listed above. These harmful and artificial chemicals are replaced by plant-derived ingredients to make their impact on the body and the environment lesser. Replacing synthetic fragrance with essential oil, for example, changes the dynamic of the product. Essential oils not only add earthy scents, but also aide in treating skin irritation, dryness and fungi. Plant-derived ingredients are safer if absorbed by the skin and do not tend to clog lymph nodes. Replacing man-made chemicals with plant-derived ingredients makes for a healthier product, and a healthier you in the long run. Besides all of that, natural products give your hair the help it needs to shine and sustain itself without the build up harmful chemicals. 

To break it down: 

  • healthier hair
  • healthier you

So the question now is, why not natural products? 

P.S. Nuema products are used by Shear Black Hair Studio and are available for purchase at the salon. 


ciara pannell