Frequently asked questions...


what is a steam treatment? 

Guests are given a steam treatment with almost every service at Shear Black. Guests sit under the hood of the hair steamer, and actual steam begins to penetrate the hair follicle and scalp. This helps your hair to absorb the nutrients from The Fruit Mask and conditioner and also aids in hydration and moisture retention. 

why plant-based products?

Lots of today's products are full of additives and chemicals that can be harmful to the hair and scalp in the long run. Going plant-based and vegan, insures that products are made with quality, nature-derived materials. The result is healthy, stronger hair, for life. 

do I need a treatment? 

The Fruit Mask is recommended for all first time guests and those with brittle or dry hair. Its a blend of natural ingredients meant to aide in hair growth, add nutrients, and moisturize hair from root to ends. For those with chemical damage, Olaplex is used to restore the hair bonds. 

is color healthy for my hair? 

 Ciara uses a yogurt coloring line by the name of Nayo. This line gently colors the hair to the desired shade while leaving it just as, or more, healthy as before. For lightening services Olaplex, a treatment that strengthens and protects the bonds of your hair, is used to maintain hair integrity. Color is recommended only for those receiving regular and thorough hair care for long term hair health. 

does yogurt coloring work as well?

Yogurt coloring works and lasts just as long as any other professional color line, the difference is that it leaves your hair healthier. 

why can't I reserve more than all over color online?

To ensure that each appointment is reserved with the perfect amount of time set aside for greatness, color services other than all over and retouches, are reserved personally by Ciara in the salon or via email. This helps keep our customer service above average. 

do I need a relaxer?

Relaxers are only recommended for guests with short  tapered haircuts. Relaxers help short hair look as straight and sleek as possible. Relaxers are not needed to get natural hair bone-straight.